My day to day struggles of realization.

The time is playing, saying “watch me now”.
The days are flying through the nights,
Cold winters in the summers,
And my shining stars are so far out of sight.

I’d look to the sky
Thick clouds now bypassed the blue,
Then the sun rays started shining through
Blinding me…

There was a time when I wanted it
And all I could think of is you.
Like cheeseburgers and booze
Cigarettes and shoes
Sex and lube…

But let me stop.
Just to picture what you thought was a lot
Characterize my stare, I dare you not.

I long for the times when I could cry alone,
Be my own backbone,
Be aware of my own tone,
Clean my own throne…

That wouldn’t happen again anytime soon
being stuck in my ways
During a bright morning, which then turned gray
Smoking my cigarette, no ashtray.

I’m just saying that I hate today.


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