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Chance The Rapper Hospitalized

Chance The Rapper is hospitalized and won't be present at the charity gig in New York City.


Due to recent events, Chance the Rapper won’t be rocking the stage for a scheduled charity event on Monday night (May 9).

The “Blessings” rapper was due to appear at Terminal 5 in New York City tonight for the “Night For NYC” event. The event is to raise money towards the fight against poverty, hosted by the Robin Hood Organization. The tickets to the show were costly’ according to the event’s site; general admission totaled $150 for one individual, and the deluxe ticket is $250. Every dollar spent on a ticket is to help “feed a family of four for one week”. That’s awesome!

Chance is suffering from some unknown illness and currently hospitalized for it. However, their organization wasted no time finding a replacement to cover for his absence. Rapper Joey Bada$$ will cover for Chance while he tries to get better. It looks like Joey is all for the support as well.

Other performers on the lineup for the Monday night event includes Paak, Anderson and Mark Ronson. The other time Chance had to cancel a performance was back in 2014. He was forced to cancel his set at Coachella after getting sick and sent to the hospital. It may be the same illness that surfaced again.

Chance is scheduled to release his new mixtape later this week. He recently debuts and performed his latest single on the Tonight Show.

As the show is currently underway, looks like all is going¬†good so far. It’s unfortunate that you had to miss out on it, Chance.



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