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San Francisco Gets A Whiff Of McDonald’s New Garlic Fries

McDonald's exclusively sells garlic fries in the Bay area.


What is every McDonald’s in New York missing at this very moment? Some seasoned fries to go with our Big Mac. The well-known fast food franchise is serving customers in the Bay area of San Francisco a dish of the Gilroy Garlic fries. These fries are hand-tossed in an exclusive stainless-steel bowl with chopped garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and parsley. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?  It probably tastes as good as it looks because McDonald’s in the Bay Area tweeted that they’ve gone out of stock.

How could they run out of supply when the garlic fries are served at only four different locations in the Bay area? It’s probably a marketing scheme. All we know is that we’d like to be the judge of these fries next. I mean, every New Yorker loves some Garlic Knots from the local pizzeria, right? Bring them fries to the east coast, please and thank you.


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