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Child Dismantles $15k “Zootopia” Statue At LEGO Expo

A child destroyed a statue which debut at a LEGO expo an hour after opening.


In Ningbo, China, a child destroyed a giant LEGO version of the animated movie Zootopia‘s character of a fox named Nick. The LEGO sculpture cost more than $15,000 and took a total of 3 days to build in time for the show exhibit. Within the first hour of the expo, the young boy pushed over the statue, sending its pieces tumbling to the ground.

legoo2 legoo

The creator of the sculpture who goes by the name of “Mr. Zhao” was very heart-broken about it, but more accepting of the situation. Zhao accepted the apologies from the parents of the child – around four or five years old – and did not seek compensation for the damages done. CCTV quoted the artist who said, “The child did not intend to break it”.

That was so kind of him. Had that situation happened in America, someone would’ve got sued. You know Americans are known for suing for anything.

Another incident reported by CCTV, similar to this, happened at the Shanghai Museum of Glass, where two kids destroyed a pair of wings set on a glass angel in May. The name of the sculpture was “Angel is Waiting”, which later changed to “Broken” mirroring what was left of the damaged wings.


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