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PornHub Forced To Remove ‘Game of Thrones’ Content By HBO

HBO comes forth with legal actions against Pornhub for "Breach of Copyright".


HBO‘s political and sexually intrigued show Game of Thrones has made a debut on the largest pornography site Pornhub. Unfortunately, HBO isn’t here for it. How ironic is that?

There were hundreds of nude clips and erotic sex scenes from the series that were uploaded to the fantasy section of Pornhub’s site. When the series 6th season premiered last month, a 4% drop in Pornhub’s US traffic was noted. However, it’s said that nearly six million people have visited the site, searching for materials from the show. Most searched includes Daenerys, followed by Margaery Tyrell and Shae.

We would make a wild guess saying the porn site isn’t the proper place for their Emmy-award winning actors. This led the popular cable network company to move forward with a lawsuit against Pornhub for “Breach of Copyright”. Guess those steamy parodies didn’t make the cut for HBO’s approval.

“HBO is aware of the issue and is in the process of getting material taken down from Pornhub,” an HBO spokesman told The Sun. What exactly is the issue again? The many horny fans of the HBO special may want to object to the situation.


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