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French Montana Speaks On Chinx’s Mom

"I never spoke to her when he was alive."

There are many unanswered questions about the late rapper from Far Rockaway Chinx Drugz, who was shot and killed in Queens in May 2015. During an interview with Wendy Williams, Coke Boy French Montana spoke about his upcoming album MC4 and made a shocking revelation about not ever speaking to Chinx mom, Veronica Clinton.

“I love Chinx’s mom. But I think me and her never had a relationship,” said the Coke Boy rapper. “I never spoke to her when he was alive. I might have spoke to her one time. The second time I spoke to her was at the funeral.”

Furthermore, Montana mentions that Clinton asked him at the funeral what was “going on” with her son. He responded saying, “I said ‘I told him to stay out the streets, don’t be driving around 4 in the morning by yourself or with another person.” Montana went on to say that Clinton’s response to his answer was “you’re not his father.”

“All I did was give him a platform to feed his family,” he said. “I never made a dollar off him. All the money he made, I told him ‘go take care of your family.'”

Montana went on saying that by 2015, the late Coke Boy affiliate had his own house, car and was taking care of his family. “I think I did my job,” Montana said. “If I tell you what to do and you don’t want to listen to me, then… you know?” 

Some of you may recall Clinton speaking to Fox 5 NY, where she told reporter Lisa Evers about how disrespected she felt by both Montana and Diddy. Here’s a video to refresh your memory. 


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