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Sonic Employee Gets Fired After Chillin’ On The Job

A Sonic employee gets the boot after someone shared a photo of her chilling in the ice bin.



What is going on with these fast food franchises? What makes the employees act as if there isn’t anything better to do throughout their work shift?

A Ohio Sonic Drive-Thru employee wanted to give us a few seconds of laughter at the expense of her job. The worker, who has not been identified by name at this time, chose to take her break inside of a very spacious ice machine at work. Why? We have no idea.


Her co-workers posted, what is now classified as evidence, a photo of her in the ice box on Facebook. The image shows the woman, girl or whatever she is inside of the box, fully dressed and smiling for the camera. At least she did have on some clothing, which can’t be said for the Subway penis-sandwich guy.


The manager at the Middletown Sonic location became was advised of the situation, assuring that the machine was sanitized thoroughly before anymore ice was made and served to its customers. How sweet? Of course a representative from Sonic gave a response to this act of boredom, stating that this person’s behavior is 100% unacceptable and “against company policy.” Well, duh! Local health authorities weighed in as well, saying that they believe hanging out in the ice bin is “ridiculous and crazy.”



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