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Logan: A First Look At The Official Trailer [VIDEO]

This trailer will leave you both emotionally scarred and provocatively intrigued.


Let the truth come out: for the past couple of weeks, we all anticipated the release of an upcoming Wolverine spinoff, but the wait is over. Media outlets and blogs have painted an imagery of what the story line would be about, both accurately and inaccurately. But after watching this bleak trailer, it left most people with a jaw dropping reaction.

To start the trailer, you will see a damaged and broken Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman), along with the faded, croaking voice of Professor Charles Xavier in the background. That scene alone will have you all geared up to know if Professor X is alive or not. Well, the professor is definitely alive; Logan appears to be keeping him on life support and… You know what? Let’s stop the talking right here.

Check out what 20th Century Fox has in-store for us with their first full look at its upcoming comic-book turned movie series, “Logan”.

After watching this trailer, you will agree that this movie will be intense, vicious and incredible. Aren’t you stoked to find out if Laura is X-23, the clone of Wolverine? You’ll have to wait until its release when it’s in theaters on March 3rd, 2017.


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