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Is This Really Baby No. 2 for Ciara?

Ciara and Russell Wilson are reportedly pregnant with their first child together.


Ciara is pregnant, or so we think.

Rumor has it that Ciara is pregnant with Russell Wilson’s baby. This will be the first baby for the wedded couple, but number two for the singer.

Now, let’s get down to business. Ciara never once mentioned her new pregnancy, nor did she confirm the assumptions from the media and her fans. Then again, she never denied it either. Speculations of her pregnancy arose earlier this week after a photo was shared to her Instagram page.

Ciara attended an event for Revlon at the Refinery Hotel in New York City, being introduced as the newest global brand ambassador for the brand on Thursday – congratulations are in order of course. She wore a loose, but fitted tuxedo jacket in cream, which had her fans in a joyous uproar.

E! news reported that they have “sources” who very much confirmed the rumors are true. “Ciara is pregnant and is so excited to be a mom,” one source told E! – as if she wasn’t a mom already. The source also said, “Russell [Wilson] would like to have two or three children. They both would like a big family.” These are hardly any kind of confirmation, but I guess people are rolling with it.


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