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Kanye Shares An Emotionally Touching Throwback Video For Kim’s Birthday 

Kanye West breaks his social media silence with a heartfelt video for Kim's 36th birthday.


Now, this has to be the most sweetest birthday gift ever!

Today is the birthday of Kim Kardashian West. To show his love her he on this day, Kanye West outshines everyone with this most touching gesture.

It has been about a month since we last seen a post or tweet from West. The “Faded” rapper broke his social media silence following the recent incident with his wife in Paris. He brought in her birthday via Twitter, baring childhood memories in a nearly six-minute video. The video was a combination of home footage during Kim’s childhood captured by her father, the late Robert Kardashian, who battled cancer and passed away in September 2003.  The video plays through a familiar tune. West’s background song of choice is one of his very own, “Only One,” a song dedicated the couple’s daughter, North West. Kim mentioned in the past that this is her favorite song by her husband.

Close to the end of the video, you could hear Kim who’s filming her dad. He is showing little Kim how to use a video camera, then shares three words in eight letters with her, “I love you,” which also appears on the screen.

Watch the video here. But don’t worry, we all sobbed like babies. “Happy Birthday babe” – @KanyeWest



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