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Kim Burrell Bashes Homosexuals And Eddie Long: Video

Gospel singer goes on a shocking rant about homosexuals and Eddie Long... In church!

Kim Burrell’s name went viral after preaching to the choir with unholy intentions. The gospel singer went off on a distasteful rant, distributing her opinions on what the man upstairs would have to say about it. Burrell uttered this statement to church-goers during a sermon.

“You play with the homosexual spirit in God’s house and you’ll die from it in 2017.”

Is this true? Has anyone died yet?

Burrell is good friends with Donnie McClurkin. She has worked with – may we mention – gay singer, all while being very good friends with the late Whitney Houston, whose ex-husband Bobby Brown openly admitted that he was gay in his book. It’s kind of uncanny that she refers to homosexuals as “serpents” and has satisfaction in shaming Christian pastor Eddie Long. She went on stating that Long is an embarrassment to the church.

“Nobody would think you have AIDS if homosexual men didn’t come out and reveal what you did behind closed doors.”

Another video spiraled the internet, a snippet of Burrell from her Facebook Live feed. What we thought would have been an apology turned out to be something completely opposite of that. Burrell mentions that she wasn’t talking with regard to LGBT people specifically, which is odd and solely differs from the words of her original video. However, she does mention something along the lines of not caring if people were upset.


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