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Twitter Threatens To Stop Donald Trump’s Tweets

“Twitter will not tolerate active users, whose only message is one of hate, racism and intolerance.” These are the words that made me smile this week. Let’s gracefully give a standing ovation for the team who actually stood up against a wrongful being!

A spokesperson from Twitter announced earlier this week that they will discontinue President Donald Trumps Twitter account, mentioning that they don’t agree with anything that goes on on his end. Racism and hate are just some of the offenses that are seen as unbearable, insupportable and and downright extreme.

“Everything he stands for is backwards. His appointment of racist Steve Bannon, the way he unites hate for the Muslim people in this country, his support of white power organizations. He appointed a cabinet full of billionaires and millionaires to standup for the lower and middle class. The person he puts in charge of the EPA denies climate change. His person in charge of education doesn’t believe in public education. The American people should not accept this. The children of this country deserve a leader who will build a successful future for them. Twitter will not aid and abet him as he makes a mockery of the Presidency. We have no choice but to delete his account.”

Of course our President Elect gave a rebuttal to the company’s proposed actions. He released an official response, noting the company’s plan as “laughable” and advised the employees at Twitter to “tread lightly because [he] is working with [his] attorney to resolve this situation.” This situation is one of the many that’s argued to end “very badly” if anyone thinks they’re going to silence him. Oh please!

Cassandra Schmidt, a political science professor at Northern Arizona University gave a comment regarding the irrational as well. This comment is more so in between what is right and what is wrong – from an outsiders perspective.

“Clearly, you have a man in Donald Trump who is dangerously incompetent and is a clear threat to everything this country stands for. His rhetoric on everything from immigration to the first amendment is terrifying, but I’m still worried about what Twitter is doing from a freedom of speech perspective. Donald Trump may be vile, but even Nazis are protected by the first amendment. I think that by deleting his account, they will only be turning him into a digital martyr. As a society we have a moral duty to confront and disarm bigotry, but I don’t think this is the right way to do it.”

Just like Schmidt, Lawrence Ketchum – active Trump supporter – also believes that Twitter is violating the president practice of the first amendment.

“Does Twitter seriously think that they can silence Donald Trump by deleting his account?” Ketchum said. “Donald Trump is going to be the next president, and regardless of what the people at Twitter or other liberal elites try to do, Donald Trump has the ears of the American people. The only thing Twitter is doing here is proving that they don’t care about freedom of speech.”

There are many more opinions from people tho matter and don’t regarding the proposed Twitter ban of our President Elect. However, many won’t be heard, until now. Twitter has set up a hotline for those wishing to voice any concerns or comments about this issue and Donald Trump. That hotline’s telephone number is (785) 273 – 0329.


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