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Cardi B Onboard With Atlantic Records

Cardi B says hello to a multi-million dollar deal and goodbye to Love and Hip Hop.


Remember how excited we all were after hearing that Comedian turned Rapper Cardi B was coming to Love and Hip Hop New York? Well, it was a pleasure seeing her turn up on the big screen of one of VH1‘s most talked about and controversial series yet.

According to TheJasmineBrand, the record company felt that the “B” in Cardi’s name stood for “Bankable” and are highly interested in the idea of investing millions into her brand.

Cardi announced last December that she was leaving LHHNY for good, with the aspirations of focusing on her future career in music and makeup line. Everyone, including us here at Critique Press, grasped the thought of Cardi changing her mind, but it looks like we’ve been shot down from that theory. She had the momentum of focusing on her music and being taken seriously in the industry, feeling that her credentials may be diminishing with all the revolving drama around her on the show.

This is exciting news, especially for someone who plays such a huge part on LHHNY today. When it comes to some participants of the show, we all know their train will always be stuck at the station – if you know what I mean. So in reality, this kind of turn around is quite astonishing. Big things are in store for the young woman, and I’m happy to say that we are all here for it.


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