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Nike Launches First Ever Plus Size Range

Nike women sizes go up and so does our hands for approval.


Nike promotes a new ad campaign for their Nike Women’s brand and it has won the hearts of many consumers. With its new feature introducing plus-sized models rocking the latest gear that Nike has to offer, we all are here for this epic turnaround and memorable door-opening moment.

Plus-size model Paloma Elsesser rocked a Swoosh sports bra in a photo shared on the Instagram page of @NikeWomen. The post has accumulated over 700,000 likes and nearly reaching 1,400 comments beneath the image. But they didn’t stop there: Nike followed up by posting more images, one in particular featuring buxom New York yoga instructor Claire Fountain. That image alone has drawn up over 60,000 likes and still going.

The brand has its identity set in stone, featuring mostly skinny women models in their ads. Instead of longing for that slimmer body, they are promoting the fact that we should feel comfortable in whatever it is that we want to own – a thick waist and a cute face can still rule the world.

The New York Daily News wrote, “Nike cheered for busting out plus-sized models in new sports bra campaign.” Elite Daily weighed in on the news too, headlining their story as, “Nike Is Finally Starting To Represent Women Of Different Sizes,” going on saying, “broadening the type of women the company uses in this regard should serve to only broaden its reach.”

It feels good knowing that they’ve added plus-sized women to their roster, alongside models, influencers and, of course, athletes. So, move over, skinny bitches. Big girls run the world today!



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